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Smart Parking

Smart Parking


The solutions – Real-Time Information on Parking Availability

Kukje Smart Parking Solution:

With Kukje Smart Parking guidance solution, we tackle the problems faced by Public of trying to find a parking space on public roads.

We help them to reduce traffic congestion, guiding users based on real-time information about the availability of parking spaces on public roads. 


Key Features:

  • Real-time information on parking availability.

  • Parking guidance.

  • The information on the apps and information panels shows the real-time availability of parking spaces.

Problem Statement:

City congestion is now a chronic problem in many cities.


30% of traffic jams in cities are caused by looking for parking. Apart from greatly increasing pollution levels, this situation also results in a lot of wasted time for and high stress levels in citizens.

One of the biggest challenges of Public Administrations and Urban Service Managers today is to:

  • Reduce congestion caused by looking for parking on public roads

  • To improve the traffic flow in the city

  • The environmental quality and well-being of citizens.  

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