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Smart Street Light

Smart Street Light


Every evening, an intelligent street lighting control system has to light up at the right time and function seamlessly. A city’s street lights provide:

  • Safer traffic conditions

  • Safer pedestrian environment

  • Can represent a great improvement to the city’s architectural, touristic and commercial output


These benefits are not exactly cheap though, with an average of 40% energy bill being spent for street lighting alone. The increasing energy price, plus the significant maintenance costs and always increasing expectations manifested by the public put a continuous pressure on the lighting budgets.

Kukje Smart Street Light Solution:

Kukje offer a remote street lighting control solution that offers you lamp-level management capabilities of every street light in your city and ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed. 

Key Features:

  • Turning the street lights on and off

  • Dimming the lights

  • Communicating through the grid

  • Sensing the city

  • Controlling the infrastructure

  • Reporting and maintenance scheduling

Problem Statement:

Modern commercial outdoor lighting systems are being asked to do more than ever before. In addition to fulfilling their:

  • Primary purpose of casting light onto dark roadways, parking areas, and public spaces

  • Outdoor lighting systems are increasingly evaluated for how well they reduce:

    • Energy consumption

    • Improve safety for both pedestrians and drivers

    • Serve as the foundation for a range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications

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