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Smart City Initiative

Smart City Initiative

We provide the backbone technology for the Smart Cities coming up in India. Indian Cities are seeking partners and suppliers to collaborate on ambitious programs for sustainability, innovation in public services, and economic development that depends on significant technology investments.

The buzz about smart cities is catching up. Where 8 years back the people were talking only about smart phones, through a series of parallel technological developments globally the concept of smart cities is rising. The concept of smart city is influenced by the idea of developing the urban hubs that run on technology to provide better electricity and water supply, improve sanitation & recycling and manage traffic & transportation systems.

Every city can become smarter. Smart cities start with smart systems, working for the benefit of both residents and the environment. Electric grids, gas distribution systems, water distribution systems, public and private transportation systems, commercial buildings, hospitals, homes — these form the backbone of a city’s efficiency, livability, and sustainability.


It is the improvement and integration of these critical city systems — done in a planned step-by-step manner — that become the cornerstones to making a smart city a reality.


Cities continuously evolve. First comes the stage of construction and development, followed by the introduction of facilities that enrich people's lives. Then growth decelerates and new challenges arise, requiring cities to redefine themselves and undergo a continuous cycle of renewal and redevelopment.


India plans to develop 100 new smart cities and will develop modern satellite towns around existing cities under the "Smart City Program" 

Smart City Solution

In Recent year Kukje started investing in Smart City Technologies. We are working very closely with few of the world’s best technology companies who are having expertise in Smart city solutions. 

Our Smart Cities technology Services  are  for policy makers, executives, city departments, developers, and Industry.

We help our clients improve economic performance, get optimal resource efficiency,  get operational efficiency and to deliver a great place to live and work. We advise our clients in defining how much to invest and how much value they can get from being “Smart”.

We  also build  and  develop  supporting  technologies  for the  cities and  houses  that are  smart and enabled to work  with devices  in the palm  of your hand.

Lets  make the world  a  Smarter  place.

Kukje Business Solution is mainly working in three verticals of Smart City:

  • Smart Street Light Solution

  • Smart Mobility\Transport Solution

  • Smart Parking Solution

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