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100’s of employees placed in jobs every month!

Manpower Outsourcing

Constant fluctuation in the economy and the business ecosphere is changing the corporate mindset to shift focus from permanent hiring to temporary hiring by outsourcing.

Outsourcing manpower and HR services have become a routine trend among companies these days. The ever-increasing demands of running a business leave companies with little to no time to dedicate to the process of screening hundreds of candidates and picking the best out of the lot. The process becomes time-consuming and companies prefer using their resources elsewhere.


This is where a Manpower Outsourcing Company comes into the picture.

Kukje quickly become the preferred partner for companies looking to lease employees or hire temporary staff. Large multinational companies, public sector companies, government organizations as well as ministries are increasingly using this method of employment to cut employment expenses, reduce long-term liabilities and meet the seasonal business increase in demand.


The In-house Payroll and Compliance Management Team at Kukje ensures a smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle. The aim is to integrate smoothly into your company while maintaining continuity in the workforce.

Payroll Outsourcing


Head Hunting Solution

We provide reliable services to companies in "Payroll Management". Under this system companies recruit the manpower by themselves & put them into our payroll. We maintain them in our payroll and complying all statutory  like Attendance, Leave management, disbursement of wages as per the statute, minimum wages, deposit of social security benefits like EPF, ESIC, Gratuity, Bonus etc. in schedule time. In this case client’s headache is transferred to us. So that client can concentrate on their activities which matters to them the most.


We have the team which works in coordination with each other and make sure all the employees payroll is managed properly.  In this way it will be better for the client to Support through entire employee life-cycle, from date of joining to exit. Lower risk related to compliance and penalties. Our team is always there for your assistance. Some cases we scrutinize the candidates from our different sources as per the client job requirement. Conduct Interview with the proper verification of documents and credentials. After selection of the candidates we put them into our Payroll.


“Recruiting Process” is the main difference between “Manpower Outsourcing” & “Payroll Management”. In Manpower Outsourcing process we conduct all the steps including Recruitment, Replacement where as in "Payroll Management", Client already have Manpower.

Head Hunting

Kukje recognizes the importance and relevance of the human factor for enhancing an organization's bottom line.

Kukje HR provides career-related consulting services across industries. At Kukje HR, we go a step forward to ensure that the person not only fits the stated job profile but is the right ‘person fit’ for the organization keeping in mind the organization's work culture. 

Our search methodology combined with our capabilities has given our search practice a leadership position in the market place. One of our key business values is speed.


Working together with our clients, we evaluate the situation and determine a search strategy for finding the best candidate. An important aspect to this process is a clear understanding of the client’s culture, the position, responsibilities and necessary qualifications needed to do justice to the position. Once the profile is developed, we define our search strategy, including target sectors, companies as well as levels which result in finding the best person for the job.

Candidate Identification and Assessment

We conduct preliminary research for developing an initial candidate list. We contact, meet, assess and validate a short list of potential candidates through telephonic and personal interviews. Our team then prepares a confidential candidate assessment report, which is then presented to the client for review. When the client is ready to proceed on the list, our team assists with coordinating the interviews as well as taking & incorporating regular feedback.

Search Completion, follow up and hand holding

We consult with our clients to review top candidates and support the selection process. We frequently provide support in the negotiations between the client and candidate. Even after the position is filled, we conduct ongoing follow-up with both client and candidate to ensure success of the hired executive.

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